Vintage Shopping in Vintage Wear

We all know fashion trends rotate over the decades. It’s one thing to buy clothing that replicate old styles, but a whole other to have actual pieces from prior time periods. The few whose mothers/grandmothers left them their stoles, denim, fur, etc. are extremely lucky. Also, I’m jealous of them. For the rest of us, alas! But fear not my fellow fashionstas. After all, there’s always vintage shopping. That is our opportunity to grab one of a kind items we likely won’t see anywhere else.

In the spirit of purchasing vintage wear, I attended an event called “Manhattan Vintage Clothing Show,” which is hosted by Manhattan Vintage. This company periodically brings together many vintage distributors/sellers in NYC. In fact, their next event is in October. Tickets are $15 but if you sign up for their newsletter, you get a $5 discount. And if you sign up for mine, you’ll experience a lifetime of rainbows and sunshine 🙂

As I strolled around booths, the quaint clothing and accessories mesmerized me. If it were up to me, I would have bought something from each vendor. Unfortunately, I decided to practice some self-control and only bought things “I need.” One of my favorite vendors was What Goes Around Comes Around, where I was able to snag a Chanel skirt for $100. They had so many other designer items and the pieces were all in excellent condition. Additionally, I bought an original Balmain sketch from Yosha Graphics.  I can’t wait to hang it up and pretend to be cultured.

Since I was attending a vintage fashion event, it only made sense that I wear vintage clothing. I’m an 80’s baby, so the 90’s are vintage to me. Some of the best shows were arguably on air in the 90’s – Boy Meets World, Full House, Legends of the Hidden Temple and Saved by the Bell. And the last show is exactly what my t-shirt represents. Specifically, it pays homage to Zack and Kelly’s love story…which is still better than Twilight. I paired it with my Asos cigarette pants and a fedora. To snazz up the outfit, I also added a chained belt.

I advise all of you to attend this vintage show at least once, even if you just want to browse. I’m certain you’ll find the wide variety of designs and patterns fascinating. And if you do decide to buy something, take comfort in the fact that the items are unique and likely acquired at a bargain price. Vintage fashion is so refreshing in today’s world of mass production, where everyone owns similar things. It sets you apart from the rest of the crowd. Plus, it’s pretty cool to know you own a piece of fashion history.


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  1. I may be old enough to not know who was on your shirt, but I dig your blog. Definitely into vintage and enjoy dressing well.


    1. Thank you! It seems that many are fond of it… And why not? It’s usually inexpensive and you end up with amazing things!

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