Spring Fashion: Gray skies ≠ gray attire

Remember what I said about sunny skies in my last post? Yea, scratch that. I completely skipped the rain that’s synonymous with Spring. These days all you want to do is cuddle up in bed with a good book and some hot chocolate. Yum. On the bright side (not literally), at least the temperatures are rising. This means you no longer need five layers to walk out the door, so that’s a step in the right direction. But let’s not let the rain gods win…repeat after me, gray skies do not equal gray attire!! In fact, let’s begin our Spring training now. No, not baseball, you’re on the wrong site for that. It’s Spring fashion training, Chicsters.

First piece of advice, buy a bright umbrella. It’ll not only look cute, it uplifts your mood as well. Studies show bright colors make people happier. However, they also show that brightly colored gym clothes encourage people to work out and that’s never worked for me. So, perhaps take those studies with a grain of salt?

Now, you technically could wear gray but there’s so many ways to snazz it up. I’m guilty of always reaching for my most comfortable hoodie and walking out the door. But on this day, I decided to wear my off-shoulder gray top with exaggerated bell sleeves. I absolutely love the way they flare around me and how the ruffles are emphasized with every move.

I paired this top with metallic rocker jeans from Zara. This pair looks great even with a plain t-shirt because of the multiple zipper detail and metallic sheen. Combined with the statement top, my outfit was Spring fashion ready! It did start raining during this shoot, so I whipped out my neon pink-rimmed umbrella and started jumping in puddles. No joke, I really did. Of course, I ruined my jeans in the process and they’re now at the dry cleaners. But you know what they say – when life gives you puddles, jump.

Top – $98 at Storets | Pants (similar) – $30 at Zara | Shoes – $246 by Kate Spade

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