Pretty in Plaid

Plaid is a trend that stands the test of time. It originated in Scotland almost 3,000 years ago and was previously known as “tartan.” These designs were prominently featured in heavy cloaks worn by Scottish travelers to help protect them from the bitter cold. Eventually, Britain and the United States caught on to this pattern and soon, it became ubiquitous.

I was not a fan of plaid at first. In fact, I used to associate it with farming, so it felt weird wearing it in an urban environment. However, I started seeing more and more fashionistas rock the trend and became a convert. There’s something about plaid, especially plaid shirts, that conveys a sense of effortless fashion. It automatically provides a burst of color and is extremely flexible to style.

And that’s where this post comes in. We all know the simplistic amendments we can make to a plaid shirt. Firstly, there’s the sleeve length – do you keep it long or fold it up? Secondly, how many buttons do you keep unbuttoned? Honestly, your imagination is your limit here. Perhaps the only thing I wouldn’t recommend doing is rocking a short – sleeved fully buttoned shirt like Dwight Schrute. However, that’s probably the only faux pas you could make with this trend.

I put together three looks in this post:

  1. The first look is a classic shirt and skirt combination. The skirt is high-waisted and denim and I opted to tuck my shirt in. Of course, you could also wear the shirt untucked with a pair of jeans or leggings. Super comfy and looks great!
  2. The second look is a throwback to the 70’s with the knotted top. All you need to do is unbutton the last few buttons and knot the two ends. Again, this can be worn with a skirt, jeans or leggings.
  3. Finally, the last look is my personal favorite It has a very rock star vibe to it and instantly dresses up a simple summer look. I used the belt from my skirt to create a neck-bow and borrowed my husband’s shirt, as it’s longer and allows the end to peek out of the shorts.

At the end of the shoot, I had a livid husband (“Is that mine? I just got that dry cleaned! You have so many clothes, why are you always borrowing mine?”). All great questions to which I have no answers. Additionally, I had a new fan –Β an old woman pretending to clean the same spot on the windowsill. I just hope she’s reading this blog.

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12 thoughts on “Pretty in Plaid

  1. I looooove the third look with the shorts and thigh highs! I also love the first look with the shirt tucked into the skirt. I once had the same thoughts on plaid as you. But you have just changed my mind!!

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