Must Have of the Week: The Oversized Sleeve

You’ve probably seen this trend everywhere recently. I’ve been following it since I was five because I have a habit of forgetting my gloves. That’s right, I’m talking about the trend of oversized sleeves. It’s exactly what it sounds like, the sleeves dangle down below your hands making it seem like you’re wearing an extra-large sweater. However, the actual sweater fits perfectly and it’s just the sleeves that are too long. Mind-blowing, I know. Personally, I feel like someone made the most of a measurement glitch and the trend caught on. But now that I’ve done it, I must say I love it. So let’s take a peek into the oversized sleeve trend – a simple, yet chic, way of staying trendy!

The trend started ages ago, but the first I remember seeing it was on the Fashion Queen – Victoria Beckham. She perused through JFK wearing a turtleneck jumper with oversized sleeves. If she didn’t have to hold her clutch, she probably would have let the arms swing down. Here’s a picture for reference:

Oversized Sleeve

So many questions ran through my mind when I saw this. First of all, who carries just a clutch while traveling? Secondly, who wears that and sits comfortably on an eight-hour flight? Lastly, who peruses through JFK?! I guess the answer to all of the above is: Victoria Beckham. She looked jaw-droppingly gorgeous in this outfit and this is when I first became intrigued by oversized sleeves. As is the case with most trends, this too became obsolete shortly after emerging. Recently, it resurfaced during Fashion Month and there couldn’t be a better time for it with this piercing cold weather.

Pulling off this trend is simple, you can match it with anything and the top can be in any color. The only stipulation is that the bodice must be fitted, so you can draw attention to the exaggerated sleeves. If you wear an oversized sweater with oversized sleeves, you’re going for a whole different street-style kind of look. What makes the oversized sleeve chic is its pairing with a fitted ensemble.

One brand I recommend for a good fit is I.N.C. Their clothes are a perfect blend of rayon and nylon, which fit snugly around you without being stifling. In fact, I recently purchased two sweaters from them (both black. Note to self: STOP buying black) that I’m obsessed with. Wear their sweaters/shirts with jeans or a skirt and avoid pulling up the sleeves. Not only will you be a fashionista, your hands will thank you for keeping them warm.

What do you think of the oversized sleeve trend? Is it here to stay or will it be filed away with other fashion disasters?

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  1. Thanks for sharing this! Haha, I feel like I have a problem with oversized sleeves bc my arms are so short but now that it’s a trend, I guess it all works out 🙂

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