Must Have of the Week: Mules

The birds are chirping and the sun is shining. This can only mean one thing – Spring has sprung! For us New Yorkers, it couldn’t have come any sooner. Not to say we had a horrible winter, it just seemed to last forever. We’re all looking forward to wearing fewer layers and absorbing some vitamin D. But the change in weather means more than just additional nutrients…we can also start wearing open toed shoes again! That’s perfect timing for one of the biggest trends this season – mules.

Needless to say, wearing mules requires a trip to the nail salon first. Winter equals dry feet and cracked heels. If you’re like me, you also use it as an excuse to skip a few trips to the salon. After all, no one’s going to see your toes in those Uggs. However, I do lather coconut oil on my feet before I sleep. It helps tremendously with keeping skin moisturized and I swear by it.

Once your feet are mule-ready, browse through some of these beauties and see what meets your fancy. There’s flirty mules from Topshop that are screaming to be paraded around the city. On the other hand, there are serious looking mules from DSW that will bring together any business casual look. A great pair for Spring are the tassled ones from Anthropologie – the colors are so bright and fun! Lastly, if you feel like splurging, check out the Gucci ones. Do me a favor and buy these babies in green – they look so regal.

Now comes the question of where/how to wear these shoes. Mules can really be worn for any occasion depending on the style. They’re perfect if worn with a pretty sundress or cropped trousers. What I wouldn’t wear them with are flared pants a.k.a bell bottoms. Those pants tend to be longer and would cover the shoes that you probably want to show off (along with that new pedicure). So wait for a pleasant day and walk out in one of these mules, you’ll be turning heads all day 😉

$85 at Topshop

$30 at DSW

$128 at Anthropologie

$680 by Gucci

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