Must Have of the Week: Jord Watches

There has been a lot of emphasis on sustainable fashion recently, possibly stemming from Emma Watson’s recent commitment to wearing recycled fabrics. For those of you that don’t know me, I am a huge nature and animal lover. So when Jord Watches asked me to do a product review, I took it as a sign from God to hop on the sartorial bandwagon myself. After all, every little bit helps.

Jord Watches are renowned for their one of a kind wood watches. They use a multitude of woods: Sandalwood, Bamboo, Maple and Rosewood to name a few. This allows you to choose between multiple hues of brown bands depending on the material used. This was a huge plus for me, as it’s a deviation from the typical silver and gold bands. To add to that, the faces of each watch are also bright and unique. My personal favorite is the dark sandalwood and mintwhich you can see in my pictures below. To debut my watch, I decided to wear it to the Holi Hai event in Governor’s Island.

Holi is an Indian festival that celebrates the onset of spring every year. People playfully spray each other with color, all while eating, drinking and dancing. The event I went to was a delayed celebration of this festival, but I knew it would have a large attendance. So what could be a better way to flash my new watch? Following four hours of consistent jumping/running while spraying around powdered colors, the watch still stood out. I received a ton of compliments on it, specifically regarding the uniqueness of its wooden band.

In summation, I can honestly say I am in LOVE with my new Jord watch! Even the packaging was unique – a wooden box with a hidden drawer containing a moisture retaining package. Opening it makes me feel like I’m opening a treasure chest each time. Plus, there’s a serum included that you can use to preserve the wood. Jord Watches really thought of everything their customer needs.

And now, my fabulous readers – this is the part where I give back to you! My partnership with Jord Watches includes a great giveaway, so you can also purchase these beautiful timepieces. Whether adding a unique item to your wardrobe or gifting that perfect gift to a special someone (Mother’s Day is coming soon), I’m certain you will adore them.

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Luxury Wooden Watch

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20 thoughts on “Must Have of the Week: Jord Watches

  1. I love JORD watches, their design and craftsmanship is so unique and I love the one you’re wearing with the mint green dial, so pretty! I also love your sunglasses and it looks like you had so much fun during Holi! Thanks for sharing, girlie, and I hope you’re having a great week so far!



    1. Couldn’t agree more regarding their craftsmanship. It was so difficult picking my watch since they’re all so gorgeous

    1. Yes, I’m a big fan of this festival as well. I especially love how strangers become friends by the end of the day!

    1. I’d recommend a light watch like this Jord Wood Watch or a thin silver band. Have to watch out for those tan lines!

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