Welcome to the Hood Life

I used to be an impulse buyer, so much of my shopping occurred in the moment. Usually, I’d see something while perusing a store and end up buying it primarily because it was currently trending. However, as I get more fashionably mature, I’m trying to limit these purchases to items I need (isn’t that everything though??) and wardrobe staples. The only anomaly to this are select unique pieces that are timeless and I can wear to multiple – albeit staggered – occasions. I hold on to these even as I donate older clothes and try to make room in my closet. One of my favorite such items is my hooded sweater.

I stumbled upon this sweater at a boutique on my way home. Picture a cold and rainy New York afternoon, with me rushing to the train station. I halted in my tracks at the sight of this sweater and stood in front of the store just staring at its beauty and forgetting my urgency to get home. In fact, some might call it love at first sight. Unfortunately, thanks to my newly established rule of only purchasing things I need, I decided against impulse buying this sweater. Instead, I walked back and forth in front of the store for days viewing it from different angles. A few months later, my husband thoughtfully gifted it to me as a birthday present. He claims he did it out of love but a part of me thinks my pacing was making him dizzy. Nevertheless, I do love him for it 🙂

There are multiple reasons for my obsession with this sweater. The crepe fabric moulds to your body and provides a great fit. The large buttons are minimalistic and allow for easy wearing. The ruffles provide a touch of femininity. But best of all, the sweater has a cape that transforms into a hood. That’s right, this hooded sweater also converts into a caped sweater! Mind blowing, right? In retrospect, that would have helped a lot on the rainy day I first spotted this…

Welcome to the hood life

Welcome to the hood life

(P.S. – A special thank you to my friend pictured above, who was my guest photographer for the night! She’s not only an amazing person but has a talent for making me look better than I really do ♡♡)


Hooded Sweater – $370 at Galerie Saint Gil  | Mules (similar) – $32 at Forever21 | Faux Leather Pants – $5 at Forever21

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