Hiking in Athleisure Wear

Athleisure wear is a blessing in disguise. I mean, who knew that one can be comfortable and look great at the same time? Thanks to celebs like Rihanna, Beyoncé and Kylie Jenner, this trend has picked up a lot of steam lately. Many combine athleisure with heels or bling to polish their outfit. Case in point – Gigi Hadid’s Sally LaPointe jumpsuit.

There are many kinds of athleisure styles for us to choose from. For the daring and/or the toned, there’s the two piece similar to what Gigi wore. In fact, there are some amazing pieces I will provide links to below. And for those of you that haven’t been to the gym recently (like me) or are shy, there’s a stunning bodysuit that I recently purchased and would like to tell you about.

The below onesie (as my husband likes to call it) is from Puma’s Swanpack collection. I absolutely adore the snug fit and the daring mesh detail on the bodice. It has a criss-cross back, which not only provides stability but also looks super cute. Of course, no Puma outfit would be complete without the logo branded somewhere. This particular bodysuit has a fairydescent colored one on the top left. Lastly, the pants are capri length, so you only need to shave up to your calf 😉

O.K., the outfit looks great. But does it work? To test it out, I decided to wear it during my trip to Devil’s Bridge in Arizona. Stretching for four miles with rough terrain and tons of incline, this hike was no joke. However, I’m pleased to say the bodysuit did not disappoint. It was extremely comfortable and dried out sweat very rapidly. Additionally, the mesh accommodated ventilation as well. At no point did I feel uncomfortable or constricted in my attire. In summation, this is reliable workout gear that looks and feels fabulous.

For those of you interested in visiting Devil’s Bridge, below is more information.

The hiking trail leading to Devil’s Bridge is located in Sedona, which is two hours away from Phoenix. The shortest route, called Devil’s Bridge trail, runs about 4 miles round-trip.

Things to keep in mind:

  • If you have an appropriate car, you can cut the hike short by approximately a mile. Simply drive over the dirt road at the very beginning.
  • To get to the Devil’s Bridge, take the upper trail. Note that this route is quite steep.
  • The bridge itself is about 5 feet wide so there’s no reason to be fearful, but you should most definitely be careful.
  • There are no toilets except at the very beginning of the trail!

What to pack:

  • Water
  • Sunscreen
  • A hat
  • Camera






My outfit: $80 at Puma

Other Options

Two tone bra – $15 at Aritzea | Mesh Sweatshirt – $50 at Victoria’s Secret | Sports Bra – $68 at Lululemon | Matching yoga pants – $98 at Lululemon

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