Must Have of the Week: Date Night Essentials

We all look forward to date night. Whether we’re single, in a relationship, married or have kids, date night allows us to momentarily forget our worries. There’s something about putting on makeup that instantly lifts your mood. And when you walk out that door looking and smelling good, you’re invincible! Of course, there’s always the reality of a bad date. Or worse, having to take off all that makeup before bed. Ugh. But let’s not think about that now. Let’s just focus on looking perfect for date night.

Date night essentials always remain the same – a great pair of heels to emphasize those stems (bonus if you can walk more than a block in them!), a sultry perfume, flawless makeup and the quintessential date night outfit. Since this is a fashion blog, we’ll only discuss the outfit. I trust you ladies with the rest πŸ™‚

My favorite date attire consists of a chic top and a flirty skirt. This pairing is effortlessly classy, yet fun. And all you need to finish it is a decent pair of heels. Imagine a soft summer breeze swaying your skirt around as you hold hands with your date. Doesn’t it sound perfect?

As an example, below are pictures of one of my favorite date night ensembles.

Unfortunately, I can’t give you links to this outfit since I bought both items at a boutique. However, below are some similar items you might like:

Β $30 at Forever21

$44 at Boohoo

$120 at Lord & Taylor

$25 atΒ TB Dress

$30 at Zara

24 thoughts on “Must Have of the Week: Date Night Essentials

  1. You’re right, I always look forward to having a date night with the hubby, it’s such a highlight of the week and really allows me to kick start the weekend in a more relaxed and stress free way. I couldn’t help but nod along when reading the dread of removing your makeup at the end of it all, I hate it! It’s no fair that he gets to go straight to sleep and I not only have to spend all that time removing the makeup, but cleanse and moisturize, too, lol. Anyway, you look beautiful, I adore the whole look, especially that top! Thanks for sharing and I hope you have a great week ahead!



    1. It’s the best way to keep that spark alive! I won’t lie, sometimes I sleep with my makeup on and then I feel horrible the next day :-/

    1. I couldn’t agree more, sometimes I just sway my skirt around on purpose to be extra dramatic lol!

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